White Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings allow you to smile more. When we use these materials we use the best. They are 2 times more expensive then other tooth coloured fillings. We decided to use these materials so that you get better colour matching and longevity. You can remain confident that you have the best in your mouth.

These materials are mercury free and the healthy choice for your body.



"My front tooth looks so natural. No one can see the filling. Back to normality now, thanks Dr Singh"                                                                                            Lisa Homes





There is less tooth that needs to be removed when placing these sticky cosmetic fillings compared to metal mercury fillings. The stickiness also gives strength to a weaker part of the tooth. However it does take longer than silver fillings to place into the tooth. Due to this issue we make longer appointments for the tooth to give you a better result.


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Amalgam-free Fillings


Traditional silver fillings can eventually corrode and leak, staining the filling and, many times, giving the tooth an unsightly black appearance. Today, amalgam-free fillings are popular for your aesthetic and health value. One of the principle components of amalgam composition is mercury. Overexposure to mercury can have debilitating effects on humans and thus not used in Sweden and California and private dental practices.

We can safely replace your old metal fillings with white fillings that will blend more naturally with your tooth color.





"My teeth look so much better now.  Bye bye silver fillings"                                                  Jack Stewart






"Really pleased with the result. Thanks." 

                                                                         Becki Dalziel


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