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Replacing Bridges

Instead of cutting back either teeth adjacent to a gap betwween teeth for a porcelain bridge, dental implants are used to replace the missing teeth.

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"I am able to enjoy my food now with ease.  Never been better to eat at restaurants and parties.  I would like to thank the team for making it an easy situation and comfortable.  Thanks Dr Singh"

                                                                      Jack Swifton


This treatment can be useful in situations where the adjacent natural teeth to the gap are heavily filled or the teeth are too small to be treated.



Benefits of implant treatment :


  • Implants look, function and feel like real teeth
  • Implants are fixed securely in your mouth - you do not remove them at night
  • Implants do not suffer hot and cold sensitivity


  • Implants never get decayed
  • Implants never suffer from root canal problems
  • Implants preserve bone by replacing the tooth root
  • Implants never feel loose and uncomfortable like a denture


  • There is no damage to adjacent teeth as is caused by a bridge
  • Implants produce an excellent cosmetic result - it’s usually impossible to tell the difference between implants and real teeth



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