Periodontal Treatment


After careful assessment by your dentist, he carries out all the treatment necessary to ensure a healthy mouth. Treatment sessions with the him can be upt one hour. The needs of each patient vary from one visit of thorough scaling and polishing of teeth, to multiple visits requiring deep cleaning under local anaesthetic.



Laser Gum Treatment

Using a state-of-the-art dental laser machine, we can recontour gums for a more attractive smile. Lasers can also correct difficult gum problems in advanced cases without the need for surgery!

Gum Surgery

For resistant gum pockets and more advanced gum disease, we recommend surgical gum treatment to improve the health of your mouth. You will be advised if this is necessary. Failure to have this treatment where necessary often results in teeth becoming looser, and eventual loss.

Gum disease requires a gum analysis first and then Dr Singh will suggest a treatment plan of deep cleaning and laser treatments.  Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed. 

We will stive to provide a  comprehensive programme of oral hygiene and gum care to ensure that teeth are kept for a long time so you can enjoy eating your foods.


" I had gum disease for a long time but was scared to do anything about it.  I plucked up the courage and came to see Eternal Smiles dentist.  I was amazed how my gums stopped hurting after a few days and the bleeding too.  Laser treatment helped my gums to feel comfortable again."                                    

                                                                                               Kay Smith





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