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Adult Braces



If your teeth are not quite straight as you would like we can straighten them for you.  At Eternal Smiles we can do amazing things for your smile. We are about making sure you are able to smile again.  Would you like toimprove your smile for the rest of your life.

Whether simple or complicated, Dr Singh has seen it before over the last 17 years so you can be reassured.

To correct your smile we can use Fast Braces, 6 Months Smile, Ceramic Tooth Coloured Braces, LIngual braces or Incongito and Clear or Invisalign braces

Dr Singh has experience treating open bites, over bites and spaced teeth problems successfully.  See below.





Xmas Braces offers




Ceramic Tooth coloured

                               -    from £1087


Incognito            -  from £2687


Lingual braces  -  from £1794


Valid til 14th December










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           Cosmetic Braces

    Ceramic Tooth Coloured Braces

Ceramic braces are made of clear materials and are therefore less visible on your teeth than metal braces. For this reason, ceramic braces are preferred for cosmetic concerned patients. They do require more attention to oral hygiene than invisible braces.  This treatment takes more time than Fast Braces.


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"Thank you for straightening my teeth. I was anxious at first. I am very pleased to say there was no discomfort. The care you took was fantastic.  My teeth look perfect."



                                                                                                              Fast Braces


How does it work so Fast?

Only 1 wire is used in the treatment to move all teeth, unlike traditional brace systems which use 4-6 wires. The movement of the teeth is then faster and gives you excellent results in a fraction of the time all due to this superfast wire. Most treatments are finished in 3-10 months.


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  "My teeth were not straight for many years.  I had to gain confidence to trust a dentist to make them straight.  Dr Singh made the whole treatment as friendly and relaxing as possible and complete in 6 months.  Better than waiting 11 months using normal braces.    Absolutely delighted with the end result."                                                            



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 Lingual or Incognito Braces


Lingual Bracket System is a new generation of braces for people of all ages. Because the braces are placed behind the teeth no one will easily know that you are wearing them. Incognito™ braces and other lignual braces sytems are 100% customised fixed appliance system for invisible orthodontic treatment.  Both work well.







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Invisalign Braces


These braces are translucent which allows you to not have any orthodontic brackets placed on your teeth. It is wafer thin and transparent.


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They are designed so that you wear each positioner for approximately two to three weeks. Little by little they gently move your teeth from their present to your desired position, as you work through the steps. These clear positioners are excellent at straightening out overlapping, crooked or gappy teeth, but they can't solve every problem on their own. For very complex problems the more conventional brace is used.


Invisalign Invisible Braces available at Eternal Smiles Solihull


They are very comfortable and don't impact on your speech, but importantly, are removable so you can take them out for an important business meeting or a hot date!


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"I was very concious of my smile.  Teeth needed to be straightened but I wanted a cosmetic option.  It was easy changing the aligners as you advised.  Took 14 months.  Thanks for a great result.."



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