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Ultra thin minimal preparation Lumineers Veneers.

lumineers in London





Lumineers are thinner than other veneers.  This means you have a very minimal amount of preparation of your teeth.  They are best suited for light coloured teeth and not dark coloured teeth, since it is hard to mask the underlying dark colours ( you can whitened them first and so your teeth are the whiter shade you want them to be). 


Also your teeth need to be fairly straight since they are ultra thin.  If your teeth are crooked then Emax veneers would be more appropriate.


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The color of your teeth are always colour matched to the colour you want on the shade guide.


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"I was quite shy and did not like the brightness of my teeth.  I came to Eternal Smiles because of the work I saw on their website and recommended by another friend.  I have Lumineers and my friends can see the teeth look so much whiter.  "

                                               Jade Calum










             Porcelain Veneers


We use a laboratory that has won many awards to give you a beautiful smile.

          Emax porcelian veneers reduced

                    to £574 from £724


   lumineers porcelian veneers reduced

                    to £674 from £844


         Composite veneers reduced

                    to £244 from £344

Make your appointment before   14th November 2017  to recieve this offer we use the best porcelain from Germany.




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