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1. Assessment

The first appointment for our patients is the clinical dental implant assessment / consultation.


Consultation with no further investigation. You will have a 30 minute consulation with Dr Singh. He will listen to your needs and give you an idea of what is possible in terms of Dental Implant Treatment, and talk through the dental implant proceedure. It may be that this is all you require and your fee for this visit will be £49.50.

Consultation with models, x-rays and written treatment plan. It may be that you would like Dr Singh to investigate your case further with models and routine x-rays. A second appointment would be made to review his findings and present you with a written, itemised treatment plan. The fee for this would be between £90 and £150 depending on the number of teeth and xrays that are required.

2. Implant Placement

Most implants and a temporary crown are placed at Eternal Smiles with local anaesthetic. This procedure is carried out under sterile conditions and can also be supplemeted with sedation should you want it.

3. Integration Period (settling in stage)

Once the implant is placed it is important to let the bone and gums around the implant to become settled. The length of time this process takes will vary between patient and implant type, approximate time periods will be advised at the assessment stage.

4. Final Crown Placement

Once the gums and bone have become strong the implants are ready to have permanent crown.



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