Gum Disease Treatment in Solihull

We believe at Eternal Smiles that looking after the foundation of the teeth i.e. the gum and surrounding supporting bone is important for you to keep your teeth for many years to come.

If weak foundations are present the teeth will not be able to function optimally. We will be able to give you the hygiene clean that will clean away the bacteria, plaque and tartar that builds around your teeth.


He uses a jet washing technique to clean below the gums and inbetween the teeth. It works more efficiently than hand instruments and allows the cleaning process to be done very well for you.



"Feeling better, looking better and smiling better thanks to teams riendly approach, expertise and helpful advice on keeping gums healthy. Many thanks."


Carol Read


"I am delighted with the treatment and care I have received so far from Dr Singh.My gums have never felt better."

Martin Cumella



General Dentistry


How to take care of your dental bridges and fixed denture implants?

Practise good dental hygiene:

  • Clean them every day to prevent tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease.
  • Clean under the false tooth every day.
  • Keep the remaining teeth healthy, as these serve as the foundation for the dental bridge and fixed denture implants.

Brushing and flossing:

  • Brush twice and floss daily.
  • To floss, use a bridge floss threader, which is a flexible piece of plastic with a loop at one end to thread the floss.
  • Thread one end of a 14-to-18-inch piece of dental floss through the loop, making sure to leave one side about half as long as the other.
  • Insert the end of the flosser without the hole between the bridge and the gumline.
  • Hold onto the longer piece of floss, gently bring it up and pull the pointed end all the way through.
  • Floss using both hands, moving the floss back and forth under the bridge.
  • Floss the bridge completely from one end to the other.

Diet and eating habits:

  • Eat soft foods or food cut into small pieces until you get accustomed to the dental bridge.
  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet for good general and dental health.


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