Grinding or clenching your teeth we can help.


What Is It?
Are you clenching or grinding your teeth. In England 6 million children and adults are affected .

About 70% of grinding cases occurs during sleep.  It is related to stress and anxiety. 

Others clench their teeth during the daytime at work due to being asked to do more than they can cope or driving long distances between work places.



Anxiety and stress can occur for many reasons including due to modern living, overload of work, family, smoking and other situations.  Remember the brain subsconciously destresses while sleeping by grinding and starts the process of rubbing the teeth together and causing the bite to change and the teeth to wear.  Later the enamel of the tooth breaks and the dentine becomes visible.


Sometimes grinding occurs due to interferences in the bite.  A bite anaylsis is done to help verify if this is the cause.




Dr Singh or Ruby can provide you with a night guard or day guard to prevent you from wearing away your teeth.  It is comfortable to wear and many patients have used it to protect the enamel on their teeth.



"I had been grinding my teeth for a long time and some a poping noise in my jaw  joints too.  I had jaw  therapy and a night guard made to make my jaws feel better.  After years of discomfort I am feeling much better.  I should have approached you many years ago"

Frank Bryant

"The procedures have been clearly and thoroughly explained and my opinions and concerns have been listened to and catered for. After treatment the general feeling of my mouth has been remarkable. It was easy and comfortable.  My discomfort has disappeared."

                                                                           Paul Davies


Bruxism has been blamed for:

- headaches in the morning when you wake up

- jaw movement problems

- unexplained facial pain

- broken teeth, fillings and crowns.



"I have been treated so well that my jaw is not feeling sore any more. .  I am much better now and can hear no joint clicking now thanks to the care at Eternal Smiles."                                                                                                                       Stephen


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