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Emax Veneers


What are Emax veneers?
These veneers are a very popular way of making crooked or badly sized teeth look straight and in proportion.

Tthey will make the teeth a uniform whiter shade if requested.  They are often known as the instant braces treatment.  Veneers are made and fitted in 2 visits.  Emax veneers are stronger than other veneers.





Some before and after pictures of smiles












Are they better than normal porcelain veneers?

Emax porcelain retains its strength and durability.. This strong ceramic is less likely to chip and crack.

Furthermore, the materials used to make up Emax veneers are glazed to give an overall more natural smile than other porcelain materials.



"I was introduced to Dr  Singh by my partner. It is special to find a good dentist whom likes to produce great smiles. I am very passionate about my teeth and had a range of treatments. These    include replacing my silver fillings to white,   a bridge, crowns,   night guard to     achieve and maintain    the best smile I can.        Dr Singh    is just as passionate   about teeth.               Best dental practice in Birmingham"



A higher translucent porcelain can be added to emax to create the appearance of real enamel teeth, to make it look even more life like. It’s worth noting that different lab technician layer the porcelain differently and thus the final colour can be different between laboratories. 


Porcelain veneers improve the colour and shine of teeth more than composite veneers.


Are they suitable for me?
That depends on how crooked your teeth are. It’s possible that in more extreme cases If you have only mild to moderate miss-alignment or small spaces, you should be an ideal candidate for Emax.


How long will they last?
With proper care and regular examinations, Emax veneers will outlast their competition by many years simply because they are much stronger.



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