Denture Repairs

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Dr Singh can repair cracked or fractured dentures, insert strengtheners into dentures and remove stains. He can also repair chips in the artificial teeth or replace ones that have broken off. Dentures that have had teeth added or fractured multiple times are generally not very comfortable to wear as they no longer fit that well.


How long does it take to repair damaged dentures?

The time it takes to repair a denture depends on how badly it is damaged. Replacing or repairing a damaged tooth can normally be done by Eternal Smiles Cosmetic Denture Designer on the same day in Solihull, Birmingham. If the denture has suffered a more serious fracture, however, it will take longer to repair. The Cosmetic Denture Designer ability to repair a denture depends on the extent of the damage, how old the denture is and what condition it was in before it was broken.


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